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To start your own business requires courage and dedication. We at Startup CFO know this and also knows that all the rules and regulations which business are subject to can be overwhelming. More often than not, you find yourself wasting precious time on government imposed reporting which can kill the motivation even for the most optimistic person out here.


Whether you dream of starting your own business or already have one (new or old) -Startup CFO is here to help you. 

No matter whether you run a proprietorship or a limited company; a small mistake or oversight can have big consequences. Startup CFO is a simple and affordable solution to avoid this.

Startup CFO's aim is to help you get a better understanding and overview of you business' finance. We focus on presenting it in simple terms. Thus, taking away some of its scariness. We believe no questions are too stupid.

The team behind Startup CFO have experience from accounting, finance and have started several companies, within many different fields, themselves. We are more than willing to share our experiences and knowledge with you to help you and your business succeed. 

Please use the contact form or send us an e-mail at

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